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Which of your classes is best for me?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

Whilst all our classes can be scaled and suitable for all abilities, this may help you decide which one to start with. First you need to decide the goal, what are you training for? Is it to become stronger, or to become fitter or even just for the enjoyment and to feel better?

Class descriptions:

Learn to Lift - Split into two levels, learn how to lift weights in a safe and encouraging environment. Get stronger by building the fundamentals and then finish off by getting a sweat on! Level 1 has a few less exercises and so is slightly slower paced perfect for complete beginners. Level 2 is a slight progression with a few more exercises.

Farm WOD - Workout of the day, expect a mixture of weight training and high tempo training to make you sweat! This is our most cardio based training where you'll burn lots of calories and train the aerobic system.

Farm Strong - Unlock that farmer strength by learning to lift heavy, odd objects safely. You'll move some big weights using the fun toys such as sleds and balls.

LGA - Legs, Glutes and Abs. A lower body and core workout, start with strength and finish off with cardio. This class is perfect for those working on building and toning their lower body.

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