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Are Farmers Fit?

Farmers can have quite a physically demanding job and so can therefore become naturally fit. Lifting heavy and odd shaped objects as well as having to do repeat movements their bodies adapt to become stronger and more resilient, just like the way we do in the gym.

However now a days with the mechanisation of a lot of work they are spending increasing amounts of time on machines instead of doing manual work. The livestock side still has more manual work then the arable, however even that is slowly becoming more and more mechanised to make the job more efficient and faster.

Some good exercises that you can do in the gym to become fit like the farmers of old are:

1. Farmers Walk

2. Offset Carrys

3. Ball to shoulder

4. Sled Drag

Come down to the Farmyard Gym to give these a try and unlock that farmer strength!

Overhead photo of gym

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